PESSTO ePESSTO Phase 3 plan

Deadline for submission to ESO : 31st October 2019

Finish reductions and upload data to QUB : 30th September 2019

Pipeline updates complete : 15th August 2019

People and responsibilities

Dave Young : data manager and submission manager

Tomás Müller Bravo : pipeline adjustments and updates

Erkki Kankare : SOFI imaging and spectroscopic reductions

Mariusz Gromadzki : Gr13 spectroscopic data

Matt Nicholl : Gr11, Gr16, Gr18 and Gr20 spectroscopic data. Plus the EFOSC2 imaging data. (EFOSC2 imaging is not submitted to ESO as a Phase 3 data product. Rather we just place a large tarball of all images on the PESSTO website.

Useful reading :

Pipeine updates required

    • Addition of Gr18 and Gr20 (define flats, arcs and standards)

    • The imaging module : PESSTOEFOSCPHOT has reference catalogues for astrometry and photometry which are inhomogeneous. If it is in the SDSS DR7 footprint then a ZP is calculated, but if not then an average ZP is included. It would be much better to have this changed to the all sky REFCAT2, and images can all be calibrated (at least griz and BVRI) :