PESSTO ePESSTO Phase 3 plan

Deadline for submission to ESO : 31st October 2019 

Finish reductions and upload data to QUB :  30th September 2019 

Pipeline updates complete :  15th August 2019 

People and responsibilities 

Dave Young : data manager and submission manager 

Tomás Müller Bravo  : pipeline adjustments and updates 

Erkki Kankare :  SOFI imaging and spectroscopic reductions 

Mariusz Gromadzki  :  Gr13 spectroscopic data 

Matt Nicholl :   Gr11, Gr16, Gr18 and Gr20  spectroscopic data. Plus the EFOSC2 imaging data.  (EFOSC2 imaging is not submitted to ESO as a Phase 3 data product. Rather we just place a large tarball of all images on the PESSTO website. 

Useful reading : 

Pipeine updates required