Night Report 2014-10-22

Observers: Lluis Galbany, Kati Takats, Cristina Romero-Canizales

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Cosimo Inserra

Data reducers: Santiago Gonzalez, Thomas De Jaeger

22 Oct: EFOSC2 night, photometry and spectroscopy

Sky covered with clouds in the beginning of the night.

We lost ~1.5hr of observing time. Telescope opened at

UT 01:11.

Seeing ~ 0.5"-1.0" / Humidity < 25% / wind speed < 10 m/s

during observations.




UT 21:34   PESSTO_bias and _calib

-- sky covered with clouds

UT 01:11   Telescope opens. Only low, thin clouds.

UT 01:33   NGC7552-OT spectroscopy (Gr#11)

UT 02:54   NGC7552-OT spectroscopy (Gr#16)

UT 04:15   ASASSN-14jb spectroscopy (Gr#11)

UT 04:51   VMA2 (Gr#11,Gr#16, Gr#13) --spectroscopic standard

UT 05:02   LSQ14fwv -- finding chart was not useful; PESSTOASTRO in 

                 acquisition image shows no object at the SN position. Abort.

UT 05:21   OGLE-2014-SN-107 spectroscopy (Gr#13). Our analysis shows

                  this is a Type Ia SN before maximum.

UT 05:38   OGLE-2014-SN-073 spectroscopy (Gr#13)

UT 07:24   ASASSN-14hu spectroscopy (Gr#13)

UT 07:56   L745a (Gr#11,Gr#16, Gr#13) --spectroscopic standard

UT 08:14   LSQ14fum spectroscopy (Gr#13) --> a star.

UT 08:30   CSS141021-030330-053334 spectroscopy (Gr#13) --> Ia around max.

UT 09:25   Skyflats in i,r