Night report 2020-11-21

Observers: Mariusz Gromadzki, Nada Ihanec (Warsaw)

Support: Seán Brennan, Morgan Fraser (UCD)

TAT: Roberta Carini (INAF), Giuliano Pignata(UNAB), Phil Wiseman (Southampton)

EFOSC2 Calibrations:

Spectroscopic arcs Gr#11, Gr#13 & Gr#16 with filters Free, GG495, OG530 and slit: 1.0 and 1.5

Dome flats


evening skyflats at i, z


Start: Humidity 22, wind speed 1.1 m/s

Middle: Humidity 16 , wind speed 5.2 m/s

End: Humidity 14, wind speed 5.7 m/s


photometric night, apparently ESO has maintenance today, so the data was not accessible during the nigh