Night report 2024-04-17

Night report 17/04/2024

Observers: Stéphane Blondin, Thallis Pessi

Support: Tomás Muller Bravo, Dane Cross 

TAT: Jacco Terwel, Tom Killestein, Anamaria Gkini

Afternoon: bias, PESSTO_calib (arcs)

Evening twilight: sky flats not possible because of thin cirrus

Morning twilight: gri sky flats

Start: 23:01 UT ; humidity 12%; wind 2.7 m/s; seeing 1"; sky clear but with scattered thin cirrus

Mid: 04:45 UT ; humidity 7%; wind 5.6 m/s; seeing 1"; sky clear

End: 10:48 UT ; humidity 8%; wind 5.3 m/s; seeing 1.1"; sky clear

Comments: DIMM seeing monitor not working; seeing estimated by TO on acquisition images throughout the night.

Night report 2024-04-17