Night report 2017-08-20

Observers: David Homan, Joe Lyman

TAT: Giorgos Leloudas, Morgan Fraser

Support team: Giorgos Leloudas

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs, flats (evening: BgR, morning: U)

Conditions: Largely clear, cirrus around horizon. Seeing erratic at start of night, ~1.5",

imporoved and settled to ~1-1.2 at 3:30

UT Target Type Comment


23:15 PS17egl followup g16+g11, U band

01:35 EG274 standard

02:00 AT2017gfg classification Ia ~max

02:20 SMT17rza classification Ia ~max

02:45 ATLAS17jof classification Ia ~max

03:05 AT2017fym classification Ia post-max

03:35 image analysis

03:50 SMT17sct classification IIb pre-max

04:15 AT2017gaw followup g11

04:50 ATLAS17jon classification Ia ~max

05:10 ATLAS17joq classification Ia post-max

05:30 PS17ebg classification galaxy spectrum

06:00 DES16C3cje followup i band

07:00 AT2017jbu followup g11

08:10 AT2017gbb classification Ia post-max

08:20 AT2017fzw followup g11+g16

09:05 AT2016gci followup g13

09:30 AT2016gbo classification Ia post-max

09:50 VMA2 standard