Night Report Page 20121211

Observer: Laurent Le Guillou

Data reduction team: Yen-Chen Pan, Mark Sullivan, Sylvain Baumont

Observing with EFOSC2 the all night.


Seeing ~ 0.8" (beginning of the night)


EFOSC2 bias + arcs / dome flats + spectro-polarisation calibrations + skyflats UBVRi

UT 00:49 STD vma2

Software problem occurred. Again and again, same bug with various templates (spectrum or imaging).

UT 01:34 PHOT STD PG2336 (saturated, too good seeing. Done mainly as a software test)

Software problem occurred again.

UT 01:51 SN2009ip gr11 + gr16

Software problem occurred again. Its origin seems mechanical. After several tries, somebody will check the problem at the telescope.

UT 04:20 LSQ12hdl gr13 *classification* galaxy spectrum z=0.131

UT 04:43 LSQ12heq gr13 *classification* blue continuum ?

UT 05:15 SN2012fr gr11 + gr16

UT 05:56 STD gd71 gr11 + gr13 + gr16

UT 06:11 OGLE-2012-SN-044 (failed: cannot find any guiding star in that area)

Anyway, the finding chart provided by OGLE has, as usual, a wrong WCS (in the FITS frame): the WCS of the FITS frame does not correspond to the given coordinates for that object... (this is not the first time...)

UT 06:16 OGLE-2012-SN-040 gr11 + gr16

UT 07:08 HD42078 spectropolarimetry test (for S. Taubenberger).

Resulting frames are strange... Please check before we continue. The T.Os are very uneasy with these templates and OBs... There's something quite unclear about Wollaston parallel/perpendicular setup. The template used (NarrowSlit) also makes them nervous. Discussing a bit more with the EFOSC2 scientist and with the TOs may help on this.

UT 07:15 LSQ12gxb gr11 + gr16

UT 08:28 STD LTT8364 gr11 + gr13 + gr16

skyflats UBVRi