Night Report 2019-05-23

Observers: Elizabeth Swann, Christopher Frohmaier

Support Team: Edinburgh + Southampton

All times in UT



TO reports problems with the dichroic mirror, engineers currently fixing @ 22:43

If problem cannot be fixed, cannot perform image analysis but can use temperature reading to inform focus. Will continue to observe regardless.

Marshall issue Cannot report classifications in the marshall, get an internal server error. Follow-up team please investigate & update marshall with classifications.



Start of night: Clouds on the horizon to the west

03:10 - Bands of cirrus clouds to the east, low in sky

Middle of night: Cirrus on horizon in every direction, cirrus also higher up to the north

06:13 - Pointing restriction due to wind, avoid North East

08:21 - Cirriusly there's cirrus everywhere

End of night: Clouds, clouds, more clouds.



Evening: Daytime TO performed PESSTO calib & bias

Morning: PESSTO calib & bias



23:10 AT2019ewc, Classification. Object not visible in acquisition image (10s, 30s) despite bright magnitude estimate. Aborted. Seeing 1.2

23:13 AT2019ftd, Classification. Observed for 1x1020s with gr13. Seeing 1.2. Definite Ia-norm at ~peak. 

23:29 Standard Star LTT3864, gr11 gr13 gr16. 1 and 1.5 arcsec slits. Seeing 1.4

00:00 SN2019bka (Host galaxies) Followup. gr11 1x2700s. Fine adjustment of the slit performed with TO to capture both hosts in slit. Seeing 1.4

00:51 SN2019enz Followup. gr11 1x2700s. Seeing 1.2

01:46 SN2019enz Followup. gr16 1x2700s. Seeing 1.2

02:49 AT2019ejp Classification. gr13 1x1200s. Seeing 1.4. Thin cirrus cloud probably affected object.

03:20 AT2019ekn Classification. gr13 1x600s. Seeing 1.4. Definite Ia-norm post-peak by ~10days. 

03:38 AT2019fil Classification. gr13 1x1200s. Seeing 1.4. Definite Ia-norm at ~peak. 

04:04 Standard Star EG274, gr11 gr16 gr13. 1 and 1.5 arcsec slits. Seeing 1.4

04:24 AT2019eta Classification. gr13 1x1200s. Seeing 1.5. Definite Ia-norm approx +5 days from peak.

04:59 AT2019fte Classification. gr13 1x600s. Seeing 1.4. Definite SNIa-norm approx 1 week post peak

05:15 SN2019fcc Followup. gr13 1x1500s. Aborted, no finder chart provided. No recent mag estimate provided. No clear object in acquisition at given RA and Dec.

05:34 SN2019dez Followup. gr13 1x1800s. Seeing 1.8

06:20 SN2019fcg Followup. gr13 1x1800s. Seeing 1.6

07:00 SN2019asz Followup. gr13 1x2700s. Seeing 2.0

07:55 SN2019fht Followup. gr13 1x2700s (We increased exp time due to thin clouds). Seeing 1.3. During observation, sky got more cloudy w/cirrus. Object definitely affected by cloud.

08:50 AT2019fbz Classification. gr13 1x900s. Lots of cloud, object probably affected. Seeing unknown - Bad from clouds. Despite cloud, Definite Ia-norm ~5days post peak.

09:07 Standard Star LTT3739, gr11 gr13 gr16. 1 and 1.5 arcsec slits. Seeing 1.2. Observation abandoned, lost guide star in clouds.

09:16 Telescope closing early due to cloud cover