Night Report Page - 20120916

Observers : Iair Arcavi, Yen-Chen Pan. 

Data reduction team : K. Maguire, M. Sullivan, A. Gal-Yam, O. Yaron

Some clouds at sunset and during the night. Not photometric. Seeing at the start of the night: ~1.0" .

EFOSC spec standards: EG274, Feige110, gd71

PSNJ15395722-3033192 [EFOSC: gm13] - Followup Seeing getting worse, ~1.5".

PSNJ21015899-4816259 [EFOSC: gm13] - Followup Seeing ~1.6".

SN2012dy [EFOSC: UBVRi, gm13] - Followup Seeing ~1.8"-2.3".

LSQ12evm [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~2.4".  Looks like a IIn at z=0.136.

LSQ12evl [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeng ~1.5". Ia at +8 days, z=0.15.

LSQ12evo [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~1.3". Ia at +11 days, z=0.1.

LSQ12dwl [SOFI: Bg] - Followup Seeing ~1.1"-1.3". No signal seen in the Rg exposures so this was aborted. Hip106951 taken after the spectrum.

-- Wind restrictions in effect, can only do southern targets --

SN2012dy [SOFI: JHK] - Followup Seeing ~1.3".

PSNJ02452841-6207214 [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification (discovery by Stu Parker) Seeing ~1.4". Clouds. SN II (possibly low velocity), z=0.026. 

LSQ12ezn [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~1.4". Clouds. Blue continuum. Might need to repeat under better conditions.

PSNJ04371913-6908254 [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~1.3". Clouds. Ia 91T-like +22 days, z=0.063.

PSNJ01184597+1459402 [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification (discovery by Simone Leonini) Seeing ~1.2". Clouds. Noisy spec, SNID likes SN II at z=0.233, which does not make sense (also the host has z=0.023).  At this redshift, superfit gives ~ok fits to some Type I's.. Someone should double check this.

SN2012ec [EFOSC: UBVRi gm11] - Followup Seeing ~1". Possible clouds. Did not have time to do gm16, will repeat tomorrow.