Night report 2022-09-29

Final image of night report will be uploaded here, you can view the live updated version here:

Observers: Matthew Grayling, Marcus Toy

Support: Chris Frohmaier, Phil Wiseman,

TAT: Kyle Medler, Claudia Gutiérrez, Priscila J. Pessi.

Telescope Operators:  Angelica Leon, Francisco Labrana

Night start time: 23:30

Start: 23:30:00, thin clouds, 21.8% humidity, 3.0 m/s wind speed, seeing 0.8"

Middle: 4:14:00, thin clouds, 41.4% humidity, 2.8 m/s wind speed, seeing 1.0"

End:  09:17:00, clear skies, 24.4% humidity, 3.0m/s wind speed, seeing 1.5"

Night end time: 09:17

Afternoon calibrations: EFOSC (bias, dome flats, spec arcs)

Morning calibrations:  EFOSC (dome flats, spec arcs)