Night Report Page - 20121009

Observers : Morgan Fraser, Assaf Sternberg, Patrick El-Hage. 

Data reduction team : Cosimo Inserra

All times are in UT

23:05 g skyflats

23:15 Focused telescope  

23:25 EG131 EFOSC standard with 1.0 and 1.5" slits (seeing measured to be 2")

23:55 PSN J20313345-4409173 gr#13 classification (Type II, most likely IIb or IIL as no P-Cygni profile in Halpha, 2 weeks after discovery)       Discoverer (for ATEL author list) Stu Parker on behalf of the BOSS team     

00:10 Closed due to wind

05:40 Reopened, 2" seeing

05:45 SN 2009ip gr#11,16 UBVRi

06:25 SN_IC35 gr#13 classification (Young Type II - good match to 04et, 99em at 0d)        Discoverer (for ATEL author list) Alessandro Dimai on behalf of ISSP       Note that first acquisition image shows a second new source in the galaxy - this is a mover (took second image to confirm also in spectrum)       Guiding problem - restarted exposures

07:00 CSS121008:014245+213928 gr#13 classification (Ia-91T, -4d z=0.05 - Check if mag is consistent with 91T)

07:20 MLS121004:005748 061812 gr#13 classification (Ia-91T, ~max, z=0.15 - Check if mag is consistent with 91T)       Seeing improved to ~1.4"

07:45 SSS120810:231802-560926 BVRi followup 

08:10 SNHunt148  gr#13 classification (probably Type II - v. noisy spectrum, and blended with host)       Very hard to see in acquisition image       Discoverer (for ATEL author list) Stan Howerton 

08:40 LSQ12fgu - took 60s acquisition, transient not visible

08:55 L745a standard with 1,1.5" slits