Marshall : feature request and bug list

The required features for each of the Marshall aims were last re-ordered to reflect their order of priority on 2013-05-07.

Note "Desirements" = Low priority features that may or may not get implemented.

Aims, Status & Feature requests

Aim 1:

Eliminating the need to manually trawl the internet and mailing lists for new transient alerts by **auto ingesting and cross correlating transient source metadata** from across the web.


Automated Ingests

    • LSQ

    • CRTS (SSS, MLS, CSS)

    • OGLE

    • PS1

    • ATels (names and coordinates)


Automated Ingests

    • SNHunt

    • Bright SN List

    • CBETs

    • TOCP

    • MASTER

    • SkyMapper

    • Atels that have no associated object in marshall?

  1. In-house Machine Classification - use QUB Transient Classifier to add valuable contextual information

  2. RA & DEC Search:

  3. Add postage stamps from PS1 (better coverage than SDSS) to show pre-discovery imaging

  4. Tell user when a duplicate is entered (after the form is submitted)

  5. Links to Vizier, NED etc


  1. A form for 'amateur' astronomers to submit their discoveries

  2. Confirmation of classification of AA objects - credit given to the first discoverer

Aim 2:

Provide an intuitive, simple workflow for moving transient sources around various lists, each representing a phase of the pessto observational campaign for the objects.


  • Workflow now fairly mature with fewer reports of bugs

  • Users now familiar and comfortable with the workflow


  1. Labels show the associated lists an individual object can be found in

  2. A label showing the PI(s) for an individual object

  3. Firefox / Safari compatibility

  4. Responsive design for those using the pages on smaller screens / low resolution screens (e.g. at La Silla)

  5. Sort on columns (mag, last obs, first obs, RA, object age)

  6. Display the history of an object - when it was ingested, updated, moved, classified, observed etc.


  1. A simple table view to give a clearer summary view of each list

  2. Drag and drop capability to move a ticket into another list

  3. A crumb trail link that will explode all associated object URLs into new background tabs of your browser

  4. include mailto: links on each object ticket to request time on other partner survey telescopes (SMARTS, WiFeS, Gemini etc)

Aim 3:

Provide the tools and functions required to add and edit various forms of metadata to each object, including text comments, images and FITS files.


  • comments included and bugs fixed


  1. Make the various parameters and object attributes editable within the web-interface (i.e. no need to email Dave)

  2. Upload form / drag and drop capability for each object ticket to included FITS files and images and other attachments to individual objects

  3. A top level status comment for PIs to updated


Aim 4:

Provide automated helper tools for observers including a finder chart builder, observeability plots, priority lists, OBs, PDF views, plain text tables etc.


  • Ability to sort is present but awkward

  • Finder charts manually linked from the wiki


Priority Scheduler

    • Develop a priority scheduler for the followup and classification target lists

    • Implement Andrea’s automated ranking score given for each object - a traffic light system to quickly tell good candidates from semi-rubbish ones.

    • The ability to manually change the priority (overriding APs ranking system) of the object shall be included.

    • constantly update object priorities (that change with time: younger = better) and cadence of observations for each object, rescheduling targets based on this information.

  1. Auto-created finder charts, with blind off-sets etc

  2. PDF export

  3. Plain text view/export of the various object lists

  4. Ability to auto generated ATel text based on objects selected.

  5. Auto-generate the OBs for each object

  6. Fix SDSS image issue (have server save the images and browsers cache)

  7. Make lightcurve plots - either our own or pull in jpegs linked from html pages. data taken from feeder surveys & a form for pessto members to add extra points

  8. Setup automated replication of the Marshall DB, Webpages and data with Trieste.


  1. Automate the ESO required end-of-run excel observer reports

  2. Sky map of targets - objects hyperlinked to entry in html table.

Aim 5:

Act as a mediator between the NTT Pipeline, the IA2 archive and WiseRep.


  • Marshall-IA2 MySQL Replication functioning

  • Code to ingest and associate NTT Pipeline output with PESSTO objects 50% complete


  1. write a script to automatically download data from eso

  2. automate delivery of fast/final spectra to IA2 and WiseRep

  3. provide links from the Marshall tickets to images on WiseRep and data in IA2


  • produce an automated nightlog from the headers of the raw fits files downloaded from ESO

Aim 6:

Provide a birds-eye view statistics pages of the pessto objects database including rates and plots.


  • Some code in place for basic stats


  1. provide auto-updating plots of stats and rates

  2. provide quick download links for tarball of plots and ascii files of stats for presentations etc


Bug List

  • Absolute mag does not appear in either "Queued for ATEL" or "Classified" pages (for hosts where this is available)

  • Very minor: Added LSQ12emi, added to observation targets, classified, selected "ATEL released". At some point, the target picked up a second alias. Currently in classified list.

  • Aliases (AKA) do not appear under the primary when a duplicate is entered (so user has no idea where their object went)

  • Can't see older comments for a target if they are longer than the height of the target's "box" in the Marshall (i.e. no scrolling option for comments).

Recently Fixed Bugs

  • 20121123, 10:28 AM : Semi-colon in comment will truncate comment at that point!