Night report 2014-01-25

Observers: Giorgos Leloudas, Mattias Ergon

Support: Jesper Sollerman, Francesco Taddia, Joel Johansson

TAT on duty: Annalisa de Cia, Maria Teresa Botticella



start: wind 5.2 m/s; temp. 10.4 C; humid. 83%; Clear. But few thin cirrus low in horizon.

middle: wind 9.0 m/s; temp. 10.3 C; humid. 82%; Clear.

end: wind 10.9 m/s; temp. 11.6 C; humid. 65%; Clear.




EFOSC bias, arcs



00:51: Cannot start before humidity remains below 80% for 30 consecutive minutes. It just dropped to 78%.

02:12: For the last 2 hrs the humidity has been fluctuating above and below the 80% limit.

04:50: Nothing has changed. We are still closed.

07:35: Humidity dropped finally. We are opening !

Target     Type      UT      Grism     Slit     Seeing     Comments

LSQ14ii   Class   07:55     g13        1        1.3         Re-trying 2x1800s (20min in twilight). Included host in the slit. z = 0.138. Type still unknown.