Night Report 2015-04-11

Night Report 2015_04_11

Observers : Szymon Prajs, Chris Frohmaier, Regis Cartier

Support team : Southampton

TAT : Joe Anderson, Richard Scalzo

All times in UT

Classifications in red

Start of night: Some cloud coverage overhead, humidity 12%, not photometric

During night: Cirrus cloud cover

End of night: Heavy cloud cover

Sunset 22.36





22.52 PESSTO SkyFF BR and g

23.24 Earthquake!

23.55 OGLE-2014-SN-173 BVRi seeing 0.8


01.24 2015F JHK imaging on_off, BG+RG, seeing 0.6

02.57 Telluric HIP40794 BG+RG, seeing 0.5

03.02 Standard LTT3218, seeing 0.6

03.26 ASASSN15-ga BG+RG and JHK imaging, seeing 0.8

04.34 Telluric HIP66974 BG+RG, seeing 1.0


05.09 PS15br, Gr13 

- Aborted object obscured by clouds

05.18 PS15ae, Gr11+Gr16, Increased exposure time (2100s in each grisim), seeing 1.2

05.24 Visual check of night sky, cirrus cloud cover.

06.44 Standard EG274, Gr11+Gr16+Gr13 S1+1.5, seeing 1.3

06.58 SN2015D, Gr11 S1, seeing 1.4

-Aborted cloud cover

08.10 LSQ15adm, Gr11

                - Note: lack of H_alpha in spectrum. Yesterday we clearly saw it. Due to low S/N today?

- Gr16 aborted due to cloud cover.

09.25       Pessto_calib