Night report 2018-01-06

Observers: Filomena Bufano, Marco Berton

TAT: Maria Teresa Botticella, Mariusz Gromadzki

Support team: Stefan Taubenberger, Christian Vogl, Andreas Floers

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats (day)

Weather Conditions: Clear Sky, No clouds, Very fast changing seeing =0.7"-1.5"

Observations start at UT 02.45 due to technical problems.

UT Target Type Comment


02.45 AT2017int FollowUp gr11: 1x3600s

04.00 LTT3864 Standard gr11+gr16+gr13 ; seeing~ 1.2"

04.12 AT2017hxz FollowUp OB aborted. Very bad seeing (~1.5") to detect/observe such faint object.

04.28 AT2017jtv Classification Type Ia

04.50 AT2017iue FollowUp gr11: 1 x 3600sec ; seeing 1"

05.56 AT2018H Classification Possible Type Ia-csm (z~0.083)

06.25 AT2017jfv FollowUp gr11, gr16: 1 x 2700sec each

08.18 LTT3864 Standard gr11+gr16+gr13 ; seeing~ 0.6"