Night Report 2019-08-20

Observers: Morgan Fraser, Seán Brennan

Support Team: Nada Ihanec, Marius Gromadzki

TAT: Steve Williams, Claudia Gutierrez, Thomas Wevers




dome flat and arcs

UBVRi skyflats (R and i have long exposures - will repeat tomorrow)


Start: Humidity 10%, wind speed 5 m/s, seeing: 0.9, clear




Instrument - EFOSC2

UT Target Setup Comments

23:06 EG274 Gr13+11+16 Skipped image analysis so that we could get on science targets sooner.

23:22 SN2019gfm Gr13 Followup, barely visible on acquisition image - S/N~1 in 2700s spectrum

00:20 SN2019fdr Gr16 Followup

01:16 Telescope error

01.28 SN2019fdr Gr11 Followup

02:21 SN2019cqc Gr13 First spectrum aborted as on wrong target

03:20 Image analysis

03:27 SN2019hcc griz Folllowup

04:22 AT2019nln Gr13 Classification - low S/N and ambiguous

04:55 AT2019noh Gr13 Classification

05:18 AT2019nyn Gr13 Classification

05:29 AT2019nyk Gr13 Classification

05:30 SN2019mrz Gr13 Folllowup

06:17 SN2019mry Gr11+Gr16 Followup

08:04 AT2019nog Classification, target not visible on 60s acquisition

08:13 AT2019mic Gr13 Classification

08:38 AT2019nwf Gr13 Classification

08:49 Switch to SOFI

08:57 SN2019mry J Followup - sequence interrupted by telescope error at exposure 10 of 12.

09:12 Telescope error - rotator stopped

09:15 SN2019mry HK Recovered from error, resumed with H band

09:24 Telescope error - rotator stopped

09:30 SN2019mry HK Recovered from error, restarted H band

10.26 SN2019esa JHK