Night report 2022-01-03

Night Report 2022-01-03

Observers: Bastian Ayala, Giuliano Pignata

Support: Andrea Reguitti


EFOCS2 Calibration: evening: Bias,Full EFOCS2 calib, Full EFOCS2 gr18 – 20,


Start: 00:42:00 Thin Clouds, Humidity 47%, wind speed 1.1 m/s, seeing 1.00 (DIMM)

Middle: 04:45:00 Thin Clouds, Humidity 43%, wind speed 2.5 m/s, seeing 0.95 (DIMM)

End: 08:57:00 Thin Clouds, Humidity 46%, wind speed 3.9 m/s, seeing 0.98 (DIMM)

Comments: Today we had a seeing between 0.8-1.3. On the other hand, we have to do a focus adjustment three times.