Night Report 2016-01-16

Observing: Robert Firth, Chris Frohmaier, Georgios Dimitriadis

Support Team: Southampton

TAT: Annalisa De Cia, Lluís Galbany

All following times in UT



Weather conditions

Start of night: Clear Skies

Middle of night: Clear Skies, seeing around and sometimes smaller than 1”

End of night: Clear Skies, seeing 0.9”-1”



Evening: SOFI_Flat_JHK, SOFI_specFlat, SOFI_specArc, PESSTO_Sky_FF_UBVRi

Morning: PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_Calib



-00:35 UT: Image Analysis

-00:55 UT: Classification: Ogle16aaa, seeing 0.9”, TDE?

-01:30 UT: Standard: Spectroscopic, L745a

-01:45 UT: Classification: LSQ16ar, seeing 0.9”, SN Type Ia @ +5d

-02:10 UT: Follow-up: PS15cww, g11+g16, seeing 0.9”

-04:35 UT: Classification: Ogle15xg, seeing 0.9”, SN Type II-P @ +15d

-05:05 UT: Standard: Spectroscopic, LTT3864

-05:15 UT: Switch to SOFI + Image Analysis

-05:35 UT: Follow-up: PS15br, JHK, seeing 0.9”

-06:55 UT: Follow-up: PS15ae, JHK, seeing 0.9”

-08:05 UT: Follow-up: SN2016B, JHK, seeing 0.9”

- Due to a poorly filled out OB, the images are prefixed NAME rather than SN2016B

-08:15 UT: Switch to EFOSC2 + Image Analysis

-08:35 UT: Classification: LSQ16bu, seeing 0.9”, SN Type Ia @ peak

-08:55 UT: Standard: Spectroscopic, LTT3864, seeing 1”