Night Report 2016-09-07

Observing: David Bersier, Lawrence Short

Support Team: Stephen Smartt

TAT: Joe Lyman, Kate Maguire

Start of night: UT 23:50 = LST 18:17

Weather conditions

Start of night:  A few clouds distributed across entire sky, seeing ~0.5"

Middle of night: Good, seeing ~0.5"

End of night: 



Daytime: EFOSC bias (18:43), spec arcs and flats (19:00)

Evening: No flats due to clouds

Morning: -


All observations with EFOSC

23:34 SN2016aiy (follow-up) gr13 -- Early start due to risk of reaching pointing limit -- Airmass=1.99

00:40 SN2016els (follow-up) gr11

01:26 Focus run

01:49 SN2016els (follow-up) gr16

02:59 LSQ15adm (follow-up) gr13

03:49 SN2015L (follow-up) photometry 3x200 B, 2x150 gr, 5x100 i 


04:35 Hand over to other observer