Night report page - 20121213

Observer: Laurent Le Guillou

Data reduction team: Sylvain Baumont, Yen-Chen Pan, Mark Sullivan.

Operators tried to fix several problems during the day: the electromechanical one with the azimuth axis, but also problems with shutter and filter wheels.

The plan was to observe with EFOSC2 for 1h30, then SOFI, then EFOSC2. But SOFI has a problem with its filter wheel, so only EFOSC2 was used during the night.


Seeing ~ 1.1" (beginning of the night) then around 0.7"


EFOSC2 bias + arcs / dome flats (partly) + skyflats UBVRi

UT 00:39 STD vma2 gr11 + gr13 + gr16

UT 01:31 SN2012dy gr11

UT 02:38 LSQ12gdj gr11 + gr16

UT 03:51 LSQ12hbx gr13 (wrong object selected. Target has more or less disappeared!)

UT 04:08 LSQ12hbx gr13 (another try)

The target LSQ12hbx has clearly disappeared.

UT 04:40 LSQ12hkd gr13 *classification* galaxy spectrum ?

UT 05:11 LSQ12heq gr13 *classification* blue continuum ?

UT 05:41 STD gd71 gr11 + gr13 + gr16

UT 06:03 LSQ12hlz gr13 *classification* SN Ia z=0.11 age=-5d (SNID)

UT 06:33 LSQ12hmj gr13 (aborted: nothing at these coordinates !!!)

UT 06:55 LSQ12hlx gr13 (very faint object there... is there really something ?)

No serious signal in the last one (LSQ12hlx)

UT 07:47 LSQ12gxb gr11

UT 08:23 STD LTT3864

skyflats grz