Night Report 2019-05-22

Observers: Elizabeth Swann, Christopher Frohmaier

Support Team: Edinburgh + Southampton

All times in UT



Start of night: Clear (we weren't observing)

Middle of night: Clear (we weren't observing)

End of night: Clear



Evening: None (we didn't know we would be observing)

Morning: Note left for daytime TO to perform PESSTO bias. (calib running @ 10:11)



05:25 SN2019cxt followup, 1x2700s, seeing ~1 (second spectrum aborted due to increase in seeing)

06:26 Image analysis

06:27 Standard Star EG274, seeing 1.9

06:43 SN2018evy followup, supernova not visible in acquisition, abandoned

06:52 AT2019ffc classification, 1x900s, seeing 1.9

07:31 SN2019axz followup, 1x1800s, seeing 1.9

08:11 SN2019dtt followup, 1x1800s, seeing 1.9

08:51 AT2019fkq classification, 1x900s, seeing 1.6

09:11 Standard Star Feige 110, seeing 1.6

09:34 SN2019fmr followup, 1x1500s, seeing 1.4