Observers: Heather Campbell, Nadejda Blagorodnova

Support team: Morgan Fraser

TAT: Joe Anderson, Maria Teresa Botticella


Moon down during all night

Beginning night: Humidity 40%, wind 5 - 10 m/s, DIMM seeing 1", pretty cloudy, non-photometric.

Middle of the night: Humidity 40%, wind 15 m/s, DIMM seeing 1.2", clouds cleared.

End of the night: Humidity 50%, wind 10 m/s, DIMM seeing 1.2", no clouds.


23:50    No skyflats taken, as the sky looked pretty cloudy.

23.55    Telescope focusing

00:07    L745a - spectrophotometric standard

00:34    PS1-14od 

             Classification  600s, Gr#13. SNID classification is a IIb, z=0.14, pre-max. Emission in Ca II

00:50    SKY_J1353283-5757506 (1h 30m)

             Humidity 45%. Beginning of exposure: target at airmass 1.3 and seeing around 1.5". Middle: airmass 2.4 and seeing 1.". End: airmass 2.87 and seeing 1.2"

             2x1200s in Gr#11 and 2x1200s in Gr#16 taken.

02:30    PS1-14mm

             30s and 60s in V did not reveal the target. It has been aborted.  Checked for NEOs, but: No known minor planets, brighter than V = 20.0, were found in the 15.0-arcminute region around R.A. = 05 56 32.33, Decl. = +09 34 53.3 (J2000.0) on 2014 02 21.00 UT.

02:37    OGLE-2014-SN-023

             1x2700s Gr#13 Exposure. 

             The emission at 8400A is gone. Looks like a nice CV with Balmer absorption lines, and some little emission in H alpha. Has small emission associated with S.

03:32    LSQ14xm

             1500s Gr#13 Classification -  SN Ia around max at z=0.16

04:05    LSQ14pt (1h 40m)

             3x1800s Gr#16 Taken.

05:50    Telescope focus

05:57    LSQ14aao

            The target has moved around 17 arcsecs since the position on 27 of Feb.

06:08    LSQ14zz

             900s Gr#13 Classification -  SN Ia pre-max at z=0.045

06:26    SN2013bb

             We had trouble identifying the target with 30s exposure in V. Finally we took 60s in R filter to identify it.

             1x2400s. The exposure revealed poor S/N. The wind is 15 m/s and the seeing dropped to 1.5". As there was very little signal on the first spectrum, we decided to abort and return tomorrow.

07:32    LSQ14zu 

             With 120s exposure in the acquisition image, the target was not visible, so we gave up.

07:46    PS1-14oo

             900s Gr#13 Classification - SN Ia, best match with subtype 91T, z=0.05 at pre-max.

08:20    PS1-14mv

             1200s Gr#13 Classification - Taken with slit 1.5", as the seeing on the acquisition image is 1.6".

             Another wonderful SN Ia, +2 weeks, z=0.14

08:00    Humidity 60%, DIMM seeing 1", wind 10m/s

08:45    PS1-14oa 

             900s Gr#13 Classification. Taken with slit 1.5", as the seeing on the acquisition image is 1.6". SN blended with host galaxy.

             SN II at z=0.3 (measured from the galaxy emission lines), around +5d.

09:09   LSQ14yf

             1200s Gr#13 Classification. Another SN Ia, +5d at z=0.18.

09:10    Twilight

09:44    EG274 - spectrophotometric standard

10:01    Skyflats grz

             Aborted, as the flats contained too many stars. Then the sky was already too bright.