Night report 2024-03-13

Night report 13/03/2024

Observers: Stefan Taubenberger, Christian Vogl, Géza Csörnyei

Support: Stéphane Blondin

TAT: J. Terwel, E. Concepcion, M. Bronikowski, J. Chen

Afternoon : bias, PESSTO_calib, griz SkyFlat

Morning:  none

Start: UT 0:17; humidity 20%; wind 7.4 m/s; seeing 1.6"

Mid: UT 5:02; humidity 22%; wind 5.2 m/s; seeing 1.2"

End: UT 9:44; humidity 12%; wind 1.3 m/s; seeing 1.0"


UT 6:00 : GR 16 observations of SN 2024bfu: The calibration unit failed to move into position for the internal flats, we had to retake them separately right after. The OB name of the correct internal flats was "intflat_g16_sl1_2" (same RA DEC as target). 

Night report of 24-03-13