Night report page - 20130221

Observers: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo

Data reduction team: Sandra Benitez, Stefan Taubenberger

Observations with SOFI.

**Humidity from 25% to 4% (!!!!) to the end of the night.

Calibration data done in the early afternoon.

**We have just had an electricity cut (UT 20:25). NTT and SOFI seem to be responding correctly.

UT 00:28 SN2012ec airmass=1.52 JHKs

--DIMM SEEING 0.65"--

UT 00:55 Hip036187 airmass=1.62 BG,RG Telluric STD for OGLE-2012-SN-006.

UT 01:10 OGLE-2012-SN-006 airmass=1.57 BG,RG Observation aborted (UT 01:43), not any trace of the SN in the first AB cycle in BG. We start again (UT 01:49).

UT 04:30 Hip014112 airmass=2.27 BG,RG Telluric STD for OGLE-2012-SN-006.

--DIMM SEEING 0.9"--

UT 04:39 OGLE-2012-SN-006 airmass=2.28 RG One more AB cycle.

UT 05:08 OGLE-2012-SN-006 airmass=2.44 JHKs

--DIMM SEEING 0.79"--

UT 05:54 SN2013K airmass=2.07 JHKs

UT 06:44 GD153 airmass=1.64 BG,RG Flux STD.

--DIMM SEEING 0.69"--

UT 06:58 Hip045705 airmass=1.28 BG Telluric STD for SN2012hs.

--DIMM SEEING 0.59"--

UT 07:10 SN2012hs airmass=1.26 BG

UT 08:11 PSNJ15213775-0722183 airmass=1.19 JHKs

UT 09:30 END of the night