Night Report 2014-09-23

Observers: Morgan Fraser, Chris Ashall

TAT: Cosimo Inserra, Richard Scalzo

Data reducers: Nic Walton, Nadia Blagorodnova

Conditions: good transparency, no clouds at start of night. Seeing at start of night 1.1"

Seeing deteriorated through night to ~1.5".

Some signs of thin clouds on sky camera during night

UT 22.46: Start of twilight

UT 23.00: BR Skyflats, image analysis

UT 23.40: EG131 Spectrophotometric standard

UT 00.04: SN 2009ip 2X200s i, 2x100s R, 4x200 B, 3x200 V.

UT 00.54: SN 2013fs 3X400s Vri , done at moderate airmass so seeing has increased to 1.5', this is the only time we could do this observation. Hopefully it is useful.

UT 01.58: CSS140914-010107-101840 1800 Gr11 Gr16

UT 03.15: SN2013hx gri 5x200s

Seeing ~1.5"

UT 04.16: OGLE-2014-SN-047 Gr13 3x2700s

UT 06.38: OGLE-2014-SN-073 Gr13 2x2700s

Refocussed telescope

UT 08.17: CSS131110-023957-083124 6x200 i.

Only time to do a single band. No guide star at default position angle, so rotated field.

UT 08.57: ASASSN-14ha 1200s Gr11, 900s Gr16

BR skyflats