Night report 2019-12-04

Observers: Thomas Wevers, Nada Ihanec

Support TeamMariusz Gromadzki, Emma Callis

TAT: Lluís Galbany, Michel Dennefeld, Shubham Srivastav, Phil Wiseman


EFOSC daytime calibrations (biases, flats and arcs)

Sky flats UBVi (evening)

Sky flats grz (morning)


Start: Humidity 35%, wind speed 3.1m/s, seeing: 1.1".

Middle: Humidity 30%, wind speed  3.4m/s , seeing: 1" 

End : Humidity 22%, wind speed  5m/s, seeing: 1.3"


In first half of the night, the seeing was stable around 1". In the second half it got worse.

No more ice-cream machine but we do have Christmas tree.