Night Report 2016-03-07

Observing: Stefan Taubenberger, Tamar Faran, Markus Kromer

Support Team: N. Elias-Rosa

TAT: Joe Anderson, Annalisa De Cia

Weather conditions

Start of night: thick clouds, humidity ~ 85%, wind~ 5 m/s

Middle of night: clear, humidity ~ 65%, wind ~10 m/s

End of night: clear, humidity ~ 50%, wind ~12 m/s



Evening: PESSTO_SOFI_SpecArc, PESSTO_SOFI_specflat *


*JHK dome flats as in PESSTO_SOFI_FlatJHK were taken by the TO under a different program ID and can be found in 59.A-9002(D)


** Problems in the beginning of the night

- Clouds and humidity in the beginning of the night prevented the start of the observations.

- A problem occurred with the shutter of EFOSC, which could not be fixed during the night. At 03:00 UT switched to SOFI and started observations at 05:00 UT after the humidity level went down.

05:10 UT: Follow up: PS15br, JHK, 1080s + 1440s + 1440s, seeing ~1.4"

06:40 UT: Follow up, SN2016aiy, 400s + 360s + 720s, JHK, seeing ~1"

07:15 UT: Follow up: S2016adj, BG + RG, 18m, seeing ~1" *

08:10 UT: Telluric Standard, HIP64550, BG + RG, 7s, seeing ~1"

08:15 UT: Follow up: LSQ15adm, JHK, 1080s + 1440s + 1440s, seeing ~1.6"

09:45 UT: Follow up: SN2016adj, JHK, 10m, seeing ~1"

09:50 UT: Standard: EG274, BG + RG, ~10m, seeing ~0.9"

10:00 UT: End of the night

* The exposure took longer than originally calculated, due to a problem possibly related to the readout time of SOFI. Therefore, observation of the RG had to be stopped in the middle in order to complete the rest of the requests.