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  • Gelato - click here for access : you need to register and get a username and password, which is automatic. From Gelato help pages : Your spectrum file should be in FITS or ASCII format. FITS files must have.fits/.fts/.fit extension and comply with FITS header standard for 1D spectral data. ASCII files must have .txt/.datextension and contain two columns with wavelength-flux value pairs. Wavelength values must be equidistant.

  • Gelato requires a redshift to be input. For a discussion of the differences between Gelato, SNID and Superfit see Tomasella L. et al, ArXiv 1403.7233

This wiki area should be used as the main source of communication for this operations group. The group's email address is alerts_@_pessto.org and the group's google drive area can be found here:


and can be used as sandbox area to hash out ideas, project plans and draft documents.