Night Report 2016-11-05

Observers: Georgios Dimitriadis, Miika Pursiainen

Support Team: Southampton

TAT on duty: Regis Cartier, Joe Lyman

All following times in UT

The night is NOT photometric

Weather conditions:

Start - Clear skies, seeing ~0.8” in the NIR

Middle - Clear skies, seeing ~0.9” in the NIR

End - Pyrgeometer reports a few thin clouds, seeing ~0.6-0.7" in the NIR, 0.8" in optical





23:45 We start with SOFI

23:50 Image analysis and telescope focus

00:05 Some bumps with the visitor computer, it seems fixed now

00:10 OGLE16euo, JHK, seeing ~0.7”

01:35 Telescope focus

01:40 Feige 110, flux standard for SOFI, seeing ~0.8”

01:55 Hip10990, telluric standard for SN2016hnk, seeing ~0.7”

02:00 SN2016hnk, BG, seeing ~0.8”

03:25 We have continuous problems with the p2pp system, the loading of the OBs from the visitor terminal to the TO’s terminal is either extremely slow or sometimes crashes. We try to find a solution, but we waste some time.

03:30 SN2016hnk, JHK, seeing ~0.9”

04:55 Hip6206, telluric standard for SN2016gkg, seeing ~0.7”

05:00 SN2016gkg, BG+RG, seeing ~0.9”

07:35 Hip6206, telluric standard for SN2016gkg, seeing ~0.8”

07:40 SN2016gkg, JHK, seeing ~0.8”

07:50 Switch to EFOSC2, image analysis

08:10 L745a, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~0.6”

08:35 AT2016hvm, classification, seeing ~0.7”, star spectrum

08:50 AT2016hvl, classification, seeing ~0.8”, SN Ia (91T-like), a week before max, z=0.008

09:00 End of night