Night Report 2015-01-25

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm

TAT: Joe Anderson, Maria Teresa Botticella

No clouds at the start of the night. Seeing generally below 1.0'' the whole night

(times are in UT)


- 21:00 PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib

- 23:44 Sunset

- 00:06 PESSTO_SkyFF BR

- 00:25 Focusing

- 09:xy PESSTO_SkyFF UVi


EFOSC observations

- 01:03 ASASSN-14kp, Airmass=1.56, Seeing=0.8?

Comment: followup gr13, 2700s

- 01:55 ASASSN-15be, Airmass=1.21, Seeing=0.8?

Comment: followup gr 11, 1800s & gr16, 1800s

- 03:16 ASASSN-14ha, Airmass=1.26, Seeing=0.9?

Comment: followup gr 11, 1800s & gr16, 1800s,

- 04:31 ASASSN-14ha, Airmass=1.49, Seeing=0.9?

Comment: followup photometry U x 300s and OIII#687 x 90s

- 04:48 OGLE-SN-2014-073, Airmass=1.38, Seeing=0.8?

Comment: followup photometry, 3x350s B, 2x250s VRi, pointing off the SN by request

- 05:43 ASASSN-14ko, Airmass=1.51, Seeing=0.9?

Comment: followup gr11, 1500 s & gr16 1500s (put the slit on the host galaxy by mistake)

- 06:55 ASASSN-14ko, Airmass=2.07, Seeing=0.8?

Comment: followup photometry, U x 300s, B x 45s, V x 30s, i x 20s and R x 20s

- 07:16, LSQ15ex, Airmass=1.12, Seeing=1.0?

Comment: classification, gr13 1500s

- 07:49, ASASSN-15cb, Airmass=1.25, Seeing=0.8?

Comment: classification, gr13 300s

- 07:59, CSS150124-134701+092441, Airmass=1.54, Seeing=0.7?

Comment: classification, gr13 900s

- 08:20, LSQ15ey, Airmass=1.27, Seeing=0.7?

Comment: classification, gr13 1500s

Remark: OIII image of ASASSN-14ha taken for use in a colour composite of the SN + galaxy (PR image)




- AS14kp, gr13

- AS15be, gr11 & gr16

- AS14ha, gr11 & gr16

- OGLE73, BVRi photometry

- AS14ko, g11 & gr16 (put the slit on the host galaxy by mistake) + UBVRi photometry


- LSQ15ex, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.128, age -7d

- AS15cb, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.042, age -7d

- CSS1501, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.070, age -8d

- LSQ15ey, gr13, Type ? (only a flat continuum in the spectrum)