Night Report 2016-08-02

Observing: Morgan Fraser, Tom Reynolds

Support Team: Seppo Mattila

TAT: Lluís Galbany, Stefan Taubenberger

Weather conditions

Start of night: Clear, seeing ~1"

Middle of night: Clear, seeing ~1"

End of night: Clear, seeing <1"



Evening: iV flats

Morning: grz flats


23:03 Standard, LTT7379 (low counts due to slit problem, see below)

23:13 AT2016eld (classification): Somehow a nearby bright object was placed in the slit. See below

23:37 End of twilight

Image Analysis

23:53 SN2016AJ (follow-up): Observed 16x100 ri

01:12 AT2016eld (class): Observed, but target was not in slit, as slit had moved from expected position. This was why we had failed acquisition earlier

01:35 SN2016blz (follow-up): Observed Gr11+16 2700s, but target was not necessarily in the slit, see above

03:24 AT2016emu (class): Attempted, could not see target in acquisition image

Realised slit error here, and corrected.

03:29 AT2016els (class): Observed, probable SLSNe (!)

04:28 ASASSN15oz (follow-up): Observed 2700s, gr13, 1.0" slit

05:44 OGLE16aaa (follow-up): Observed 3600 Gr13, 1.0" slit

06:30 OGLE15xl (follow-up): Observed 9x200 gri

08:29 SMT-DWF16bc (class): Young Ia

09:08 ASASSN15og (follow-up): Observed 1x2700s & 1x1800s Gr11

09:59 Beginning of Twilight

10:37 Standard, Feige110