Night Report 2016-01-17

Observing: Robert Firth, Chris Frohmaier, Georgios Dimitriadis

Support Team: Southampton

TAT: Annalisa De Cia, Lluís Galbany


Weather conditions

Start of night: Clear Skies, a bit hazy in the West

Middle of night: Clear Skies, wind increasing but fine for now

End of night: Clear skies, seeing around 1”



Evening: PESSTO_Calib, PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_Sky_FF_grz

Morning: PESSTO_Sky_FF_UVi



-00:35 UT: Image analysis

-00:50 UT: Follow-up: PS15dpn, g11, seeing 1”

-02:10 UT: Standard: Spectroscopic, L745a

-02:30 UT: Follow-up: PSNJ02051332+0606084, g16 1x2000s, seeing 1.4”

-03:20 UT: Standard: Spectroscopic, LTT3864

-03:30 UT: Switch to SOFI + Image Analysis

-03:45 UT: Follow-up: ASASSN-15og, JHK, seeing 0.6”

-04:20 UT: Follow-up: SN2015F, JH, seeing 0.8”

-05:50 UT: Switch to EFOSC + Image analysis

-06:10 UT: Follow-up: PS15br, griz, seeing 0.8”

-07:20 UT: Standard: Spectroscopic, L745a

-07:35 UT: Follow-up: PSNJ12080010+1944267, g13, seeing 0.9”

-08:15 UT: Follow-up: MASTERJ141023.42-431843.7, g13, seeing 0.8”

-08:35 UT: Follow-up: SN2016B, g13, seeing 1.2”

-08:55 UT: Classification: LSQ16bs, seeing 1” in twilight, inconclusive, dwarf nova?

-09:10 UT: Classification: LSQ16bh, seeing 1” in twilight, blue noisy continuum