Night report 2013-11-29

Observers: Michel Dennefeld, Joe Lyman, David Bersier TO: Ariel

Support team: J Maund

TAT on duty: Andrea Pastorello, Annalisa de Cia


Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 2 m/s; humidity 21 % ; clear

middle: wind speed 1 m/s; humidity 26 %; clear

end: wind speed 4 m/s; humidity 8 %; clear


IMPORTANT NOTE: The problem with the structure in the bias is not completely solved. It has a much lower amplitude than what was seen in images of Nov 25 but it varies with time, it can be different from one bias frame to the next. We decided to not do faint objects because they would be the most affected by this extra noise. There is hope that the problem could be fixed for tomorrow.

OBSERVATIONS: start regularly at sunset.

Evening sky flats: BR (5 each), followed by Arcs

Target Type UT Filt/Gm Slit Grade Comments

Feige110 Std 00:26 all 1/1.5 A

SN2013fs Follow 00:59 g11/g16 1 A seeing 1.1"

SN2013fs Follow 02:00 UBVRi same OB as spectrum above

MLS131126-024306+163425 Class 02:22 g13 1 A Ia near max, z~0.07

MLS131126-024708+163617 Class 02:46 g13 1 A IIP near max, z~0.04

LSQ13ddu Class 03:16 g13 1 A Very blue, no broad line.

OGLE-2013-SN-124 Class 03:49 g13 1 A Ia ~1 wk past max, z~0.125. Seeing 1.15"

OGLE-2013-SN-126 Class 04:22 g13 1 A Ia near max, z~0.06. Seeing ~1.1

OGLE-2013-SN-118 Follow 05:09 g11 1 A seeing ~0.9"

OGLE-2013-SN-118 Follow 05:41 g16 1 A seeing 1"

LSQ13der Class 06:43 g13 1 B Ia pec or Ic (BL?). Please make it a Ic-BL....

OGLE-2013-SN-128 Class 07:13 g13 1 A No SN feature, strong contamination by host (z=0.045 from em. lines))

PSNJ114845-281731 Class 07:40 g13 1 A Possible Ic, age unclear

L745a Std 08:00 all 1/1.5

Morning calibrations: Sky flats, 5r (good), 5z (last is a bit high)