Night report 2021-09-13

Observers: Maxime Deckers, Georgios Dimitriadis

Support: Jacco Terwel, Luke Harvey

TAT: Tom Killestein, David O'Neill, Joe Lyman 

EFOSC Calibrations:

Afternoon: All EFOSC calibrations (dome flats, arcs, biases)


Morning: All EFOSC calibrations, SOFI JHK flats

SOFI Calibrations:


Start: clear, humidity 15.0%, wind 2.0 m/s, seeing 1.0"

Middle: clear, humidity 20.0%, wind 6.0 m/s


Comments (times in UT):

DIMM seeing not available

Switching to SOFI at 01:30

Some technical issue with the rotator during the switch

Back to EFOSC at 06:50, refocusing

End of night at 09:30