Night report 2022-06-02

Observers: N. Ihanec, L. Ferrari

Support: C.Evans, C.Inserra, E. Parrag, S. Cosentino

TAT: P. J. Pessi, T. Kravtsov, T. Nagao

Telescope Operators: A. Alarcon, J. Sanchez

EFOSC2 night

Night Start Time: 23:15

Start:  23:15, 50% sky thick clouds, humidity 58%, wind speed 15m/s, seeing NA - telescope was closed

Middle: 06:00, partially cloudy on the horizon, humidity 40%, wind speed 17 m/s, seeing, NA - telescope was closed

End:  09:00, full sky coverage, humidity 37%, wind speed 15 m/s - telescope closed

Night End Time:  

No observations were done due to the high wind speed.