Night Report Page - 20121120

Observers: Joseph Anderson, Claudia Gutierrez

Data reduction team: Francisco Forster, Santiago Gonzalez

Observing with EFOS2 all night

Seeing around 0.7-0.8 all night

 UT 00:19 SN2012ca Ugriz

 UT 00:37 SN2012dy BVRi, g11, g16

 UT 03:25 SN2009ip UBVRi, g11, g16

 UT 04:05 STD EG21 g11, g13, g16

 UT 04:24 LSQ12gki class g13 -SNIa around max. SNID gives z=0.123 and fits to both before and after max.

File:TLSQ12gki 20121120 Gr13 Free slit1.0 1 f comp0004

 UT 05:02 SN2012ec g11, g16

 UT 05:32 SN2012fr g11, g16

 UT 06:07 STD pg023 UBVRigrz

 UT 06:19 STD GD71 g11, g13, g16

 UT 06:30 LSQ12gje class -aborted, nothing visible on the acquisition image

 UT 07:08 LSQ12gjf class g13 -extremely weak signal on acquisition image. Unable to extract anything useful from 2d spectrum

 UT 07:12 LSQ12fxd g11, g16

 UT 08:19 OGLE5 class g13 -SNIa around a month after max.

File:TOGLE-005 20121120 Gr13 Free slit1.0 1 f comp0001