Night report 2020-01-16

Observers: Erez Zimmerman, Ido Irani, Steve Schulze

Support Team: Rachel Bruch, Ofer Yaron

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Giuliano Pignata, Morgan Fraser


EFOSC calibrations (dome flats and arcs) done in the afternoon. Clouds didn't allow us to take skyflats in the evening


Start: Humidity 49%, wind speed 4.4 m/s, seeing: ~1".

Middle: Humidity 10%, wind speed <7 m/s, seeing: ~1".

End : Humidity 28%, wind speed <3 m/s, seeing: ~1".


Sky was partly cloudy. It affected several observations.


At 8.21 we observed again LTT3864 with gr13 and gr16.

We attempted to observe the following targets but without success:

AT2020tk  Clouds led the fail.

AT2020yk  Not detected. Light curve consisted only of one data point. We wonder whether the transient is real.

AT2020uv  Wasn't detected in the acquisition image