PESSTO Meeting @IoA Logistics


If you are arriving from outside the UK, the best option is to fly into Stansted Airport. From the airport, you can get a train direct to Cambridge for about £14.50 return. Timetables are available here, and you can buy your ticket at the station. The journey to Cambridge is around 40 minutes.

Within Cambridge, your options for travel are either walking, cycling, or taxis. Buses are not particularly useful for travelling to the IoA from the station.

While Cambridge is quite a small town, it is a ~2.5 mile walk from the train station to the Institute of Astronomy.

The two local taxi companies are Panther Taxis (01223 715715) and Camcab (01223 704704). The typical price from the station to the IoA is ~£9, and there is a taxi rank in front of you when you exit the train station.

Alternatively, if you are feeling adventerous, you can hire a bike for around £12 a day.

The IoA is located here.


As the meeting is during term time, most colleges are fully booked. Recommendations for accomodation are below, note that all of these have breakfast included. We advise you to book your accomodation sooner, rather than later, as many of these are bed and breakfasts which have a limited number of rooms. If you have any difficulties finding accomodation, please contact Morgan.

Westminster College

Located equidistant from the IoA and the town centre. Prices £69 per night including breakfast. Book here.

The Gardeners Cottage (3 rooms) and The Stables (2 rooms)

These rooms are in the on-site accomodation at the IoA. Prices are £36 per night for the Gardeners Cottage, and £30 per night for the Stables. As these are much cheaper than rooms in town, they are ideal for students or those with a limited budget. The rooms are reserved for now, please e-mail Morgan if you want one.

Arundel House Hotel

£85 per night, about 5 minute walk from the centre of town. Booking link. 

Benson House (B+B)

Another B&B, close to the IoA Booking link.

Canterbury House (B+B) 

Also close to the IoA. £45-55 per night for a single room. Booking link.