Night Report Page - 20120810

Observers : C. Inserra (QUB) Flora Cellier-Holzem (LPHNE) 

Data analysts on duty : M. Fraser, D. Wright, A. Pastorello

Time shared with Benetti Large Program (BLP) over the first four nights rather than the breakdown of firewalled nights - this was due to RA pressue ranges of targets and having to work around the weather. Data reduced, as much as possible with the PESSTO pipeline

Total time spent BLP on 20120810 : 7h 

Total time overall in Aug 2012 : 16h (out of total of about 31hr clear) 

Total time lost on 20120810: 3h 

All times CST and approximate 18.00-19.00 wind speed close to 15 19.00 SN2012dh JHKs + BG,RG (type IIP follow up, BLP)        seeing ~1.2  20.00 SN2011ja JHKs + BG,RG (type IIP follow up, BLP)       seeing variable ~1.5  21.03 Strong wind (>17m/s), dome close !!         RG of 11ja aborted after 1 cycle (25% of the total) 23:32 WInd finally decrease, we are open again!!        Initial wind restriction

23.40 SN2012dy JHKs + BG,RG (type IIb follow up, under BLP)       and telluric seeing~1.3  03.00 R71 JHKs + BG,RG (BLP)      and flux standard  03:50 EFOSC2 (PESSTO) 04:30 LSQ12eho, after astrometric check we did not find the object, maybe was a mover (even if there were 2 det, for unexplainable reasons the initial acq image was off target despite the right coordinate in the OB) 04:50 PS1-12baa gm13 + R (PESSTO followup, the R band is the acquisition image with the enhanced exptime in order to obtain S/N~100)      nice spectrum, the SN seems roughly around 2 weeks after max      seeing variable ~1.1  05.25 SN2009ip R (follow up, BLP)

05.40 Photometric standard UBVRi (BLP)

05.45 Spectroscopic standard gm11-gm16-gm13 (BLP)

06.00 R71 gm11-gm16-UBVRi (BLP)       seeing~1.3

06:15 finish!!