Night Report 2016-08-06

Observing: Tom Reynolds

Support Team: Morgan Fraser, Stephen Smartt

TAT: Joe Anderson, Janet Chen

Weather conditions

Start of night:  Clear, seeing 1.5" - 2"

Middle of night: Clear, seeing 1.2"- 1.5"

End of night: Clear seeing 1"- 1.3"



Daytime: Bias, spectroscopic flats and arcs

Evening: grz flats

Morning: -


22:50    Standard, EG274, 1" and 1.5"

23:14    SMT16ojf (classification): Observed Gr13, 900s, 1.5". Looks like a Ia, few weeks after max.

23:36    End of twilight

23:43    PS16dpm (classification): Observed Gr13, 1500s, 1.5". Ia, around max or a few days before.

00:16    SN2016eiy (follow-up): Observed Gr11+16, 900s, 1" slit

01:05    Image analysis

01:20    SN2016blz (follow-up): Observed Gr11+16 2700s, 1" slit. Seeing rose to 1.6" during this, after Gr16 began, but it improved again.

03:10    AT2016epc (classification): Observed Gr13, 300s, 1.0" slit. Mostly featureless blue continuum, some lines to identify. AM was already 2, no time for Gr11

03:25    AT2016enp (classification): Observed Gr13, 600s, 1.0" slit. Quite featureless blue continuum, maybe Balmer lines. Came back with Gr11

03:46    AT2016eno (classification): Observed Gr13, 600s, 1.0" slit. Ia, about 2 weeks post max.

04:06    AT2016egz (follow-up): Observed Gr13, 1500s 1.0"

04:38    AT2016enp (follow-up of classification): Observed Gr11, 1500s, 1.0" slit. As above.

05:15    ASASSN15oi (follow-up): Observed Gr11, 2x2700s, 1.0" slit

07:00    AT2016epb (classification): Observed Gr13 900s 1.0" slit. Looks like a stellar spectrum

07:21    AT2016eqw (classification): Observed Gr13 300s 1.0" slit. Type Ia, perhaps peculiar, as fits to normal Ia are 10 days post max, and non-detection is 11 days.

07:32    ASASSN15pz (follow-up): Observed 3x300 B. SN is visible.

07:55    PS15cwo (follow-up): Observed 9x200s gri

09:47    AT2016epd (classification): Observed Gr13, 600s, slit 1.0". Ia, 8-10d post max

10:01    Beginning of twilight

10:05    AT2016enx (classification): Observed Gr13 600s, slit 1.0". Ia pec/91T-like 3.5d pre max from gelato

10:22    AT2016epa (classification): Observed Gr13 600s, slit 1.0". Normal Ia, at maximum. Very good fit with 92A from SNID

10:40    Standard, VMA2, 1" and 1.5"