Night Report 2019-08-27

Night Report 2019-08-27

Night Report

Observers: Emma Callis, Seán Brennan

Support Team: Ihanec, Gromadzki

TAT: Maria Teresa Botticella, Hanin Kuncarayakti, Janet Chen





    Calib Gr18 & Gr20


Start:  Strong Winds - 13m/s - clouds clear -seeing 1.79" although jumping around alot

Middle:  Strong Winds - 10m/s - clouds clear -seeing 1.3"

End:  Strong Winds - 12.5m/s - clouds clear -seeing 1.05"


Pointing restrictions at beginning of night - 22:30pm - Targets > +30RA only 

DIMM seeing down at ltw observation - got seeing from aqq image of standard

DIMM broken - using Las Campanas weather []

DIMM returned at La Silla 03:30am