Night Report 2015-01-27

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm

TAT: Joe Anderson, Maria Teresa Botticella

No clouds at the start of the night. Seeing kept dropping during the beginning of the night, stayed below 0.7'' for a considerable portion of the night. We began the night by using SOFI. Then we switched to EFOSC and finally back to SOFI.

(Times are in UT)


 - 21:xy PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib

 - 23:43 Sunset

 - 00:37 Focus

 - 01:53 Switch to EFOSC

 - 07:55 Switch to SOFI

 - 09:xy Flatfields SOFI


  SOFI observations


 - 01:20 SN2013fc, Airmass=1.24, Seeing=0.9'' (dropped to 0.7'', rose to 1.1'')

 Comment: followup JHK dither

--- Switch to EFOSC ---

 EFOSC observations  

 - 02:13 OGLE-2014-SN-073, Airmass=1.20, Seeing=0.7''

 Comment: followup BVRi photometry

 - 03:11 ASASSN-15cd, Airmass=2.05, Seeing=0.5''

 Comment: classification gr13 300s

  - 03:25 OGLE-2015-SN-031, Airmass=1.66, Seeing=0.6''

 Comment: classification gr13 2000s

  - 04:07 OGLE-2015-SN-035, Airmass=1.32, Seeing=0.4''

 Comment: new attempt to classify, gr11 2700s and gr16 2700s

 - 05:09 PSNJ09204691-0803340, Airmass=1.08, Seeing=0.8''

 Comment: followup gr11, 3200s

 - 06:25 SN2015D, Airmass=2.03, Seeing=0.6''

 Comment: followup gr11 2200s and gr16 2200s


--- Switch to SOFI ---

  SOFI observations

 - 08:10 SN2015D, Airmass=1.43, Seeing=0.5''

 Comment: followup photometry JHK (on_off)



With SOFI:

- SN2013fc, JHK dither

- SN2015D, JHK on_off



- OGLE-2014-SN-073, photometry BVRi

- PSNJ09204691-0803340, gr11

- SN2015D, gr11 and gr16


- ASASSN-15cd, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.037, age +3d

- OGLE-2015-SN-031, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.125, age -8d

- OGLE-2015-SN-035, new attempt to get a useful classification spectrum