Night Report Page - 20121121

Observers: Joseph Anderson, Claudia Gutierrez

Data reduction team: Francisco Forster, Santiago Gonzalez

Seeing ~1-1.1

Starting with SOFI

 UT 00:36 SN2012dy JHK

 UT 01:56 Telluric HIP013239 bg, rg

 UT 02:16 LSQ12gdj bg, rg, JHK

 UT 05:16 Telluric HIP013239 bg, rg

 UT 05:24 STD LTT3218 bg, rg

 UT 05:41 Telluric HIP012425 bg, rg

 UT 05:59 SN2012fr bg, rg, JHK

Changing to EFOSC2

 UT 07:42 OGLE-06 class -not clear what this is, maybe centered on wrong object? Light-curve is that of a definitive SN...

 UT 08:19 LSQgln class -SNIa week before max. SNID gives redshift of 0.100

File:TLSQ12gln 20121121 Gr13 Free slit1.0 1 f comp0001