Night report 2022-10-14

Observers: Maxime Deckers, Luke Harvey 

Support: Georgios Dimitriadis, Umut Burgaz

TAT: Thomas Killestein, Lluís Galbany, Michael Fulton

Telescope Operators:  Francisco Labrana (day), Angelica Leon (night)

Night start time:  23:54

Start: 23:54, clear skies, 19.6% humidity, wind speed 3.5 m/s, seeing 0.9"

Middle: 5:29, clear skies, 16.0% humidity, windspeed 2.9 m/s, seeing 0.8"

End:  9:10, clear skies, 15.8% humidity, windspeed 4.0 m/s, seeing 1.0"

Night end time: 9:10

Afternoon calibrations: EFOSC (bias, spec dome flats, spec arcs)

Evening calibrations: EFOSC (sky flats UBVRI r) (gz sky flats to be done tomorrow evening)

Morning calibrations: EFOSC (spec dome flats, spec arcs)