Night Report 2018-12-03

Observers: Miika Pursiainen & Noel Castro Segura

Support: Claudia Gutiérrez & Tomás Müller Bravo

TAT: Joe Anderson & Janet Chen




dome flat fields

arcs (evening and morning)


Start: Heavy wind -> Restricted to point towards South West, High humidity (>50%), Thin clouds, seeing ~1.5-2

Middle: Heavy wind, pointing restrictions still apply, thin clouds, Seeing 1.0-1.5,

End: Heavy wind, pointing restrictions still apply, Thicker clouds, seeing ~2

Instrument - EFOSC

UT Target Type Setup airmass Seeing notes


Image Focusing

00:20 AT2018jhf class gr13 1.4 1.9 Ia, about week before peak

00:45 SN2016egz follow gr13 1.05 1.2

01:35 VMA2 STD all 1.3 1.2

02:00 SN2018ilu follow gr11+gr16 1.6 1.2

02:45 AT2018jgw class gr13 1.04 1.3 Ia, about week before peak

03:05 SN2018ffj follow gr16 1.04-1.8 1.2-1.5 First two 2700s exposures, slit=1"

05:05 LTT3864 STD all 2.4 1.7

05:30 SN2018ffj follow gr16 1.04 2.0 Third 2700s exposure, slit=1" to use the same configuration as the first two exposures

06:35 SN2018hxf follow gr13 1.3 2.0 Due to poor seeing exposure was increased to 2x2600s, but telescope had to close after first exposure due to strong wind

07:30 Telescope closes due to strong wind