Night report 2017-12-12

Observers: Charlotte Angus

TAT: Joe Anderson, Christina Barbarino, Michel Dennefeld

Support team: Chris Frohmaier, Robert Firth

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats (day), spec arcs (morn)

Conditions: Closed for first hour after sunset night due to poor conditions. Clouds at beginning of night, clearing then some thin cloud towards the end. 

Winds  ~5-10m/s; Seeing 1.3", dropping to ~0.8" by night end.

UT       Target            Type            Comment


00:38        VMA2                     standard                        seeing 1.3"

01:15        AT2017hcc            followup                        g11g16 1x600s each. Seeing 1.2". Issues with gr16 dome flats

01:48        SN2016ezh           followup                        g11g16 1x1500s each. Seeing 1.2" at beginning, jumping to 1.8" then back during observation. 

03:00        Image analysis        -                                        -

03:08        AT2017gax            followup                        g11 1x2700s. Seeing 1.2" 

04:10        AT2017gax            followup                        g16 1x2700s.

05:00        GD71                      standard                       seeing ~0.8"

05:30        ATLAS17nnh        classification                 Ia norm -2d

05:45        SN2017iws            classification                Ia norm -4d

06:12        AT2017iwh           classification                 Ic -6d

06:25        SN2017iuk            followup                        g11 1x1800s

07:00        SN2017iuk            followup                        g16 1x1800s. Thin cloud.

07:45        ATLAS17nmr        classification                Ia norm +4d

08:05        AT2017iwi            classification                Ia norm +9d

08:20        LTT386                   standard                        -