Night report 2023-12-19

Night report 19/12/2023

Observers: Stan Barmentloo, Priscila Pessi

Support: Tassilo Schweyer, Steve Schulze, Séan Brennan

TAT: Jesper Sollerman, Janet Chen, Anamaria Gkini, Michael Fulton, Sheng Yang

Afternoon : Bias, PESSTO bias, flats grz

Morning: -

Start:  00:45 UT, humidity 34% wind speed 11.8 m/s seeing 1.2

Mid: 04:45 UT, humidity 37% wind speed 10.7 m/s seeing 1.6

End:  08:41 UT, humidity 32%, wind speed 10.5 m/s, seeing 1.2

Comments: This night we succeeded in image analysis, which improved seeing for the remainder of the run!

Night Report 19-12-23