Night Report 2015-09-13

Observers: Claudia Gutierrez, Ismael Pessa, Felipe Olivares

TAT: Janet Chen, Kate Maguire

Data reducers: Hanindyo Kuncarayakti, Lluis Galbany

****** LOG ******

20:15 UT  EFOSC arcs, bias, dome flats

05:10 UT domes open

05:25 UT PSNJ23002463+0137368

clouds at the position, aborted

05:35 UT PSNJ02051332+0606084

Gr11 1000s

06:08 UT domes closed due to clouds


Conditions at the beginning of observations:

Cloudy / Humidity ~ 20% / Wind speed~5 m/s

Moon: 1%