Night report 2022-01-10

Night Report 2022-01-10

Observers: Mauricio Ramirez, Giuliano Pignata

Support: Andrea Reguitti


EFOCS2 Calibration
Evening: Bias,Full EFOCS2 calib, Full EFOCS2 gr18-20

Start: 00:22:00 Cloudy, humidity 49%, wind speed 2.6 m/s, seeing 1.8 (DIMM)
Middle:  05:01:00 Cloudy, humidity 43%, wind speed 4 m/s, seeing 0.67 (DIMM)
End: 8:41:00 Thick Clouds, humidity 28%, wind speed 3.2 m/s, seeing 0.77 (DIMM)

Comments: Clouds passing all night, at the end of the night (7:52 UT) The telescope was closed due to Thick clouds