Night Report 2016-08-01

Observing: Morgan Fraser, Tom Reynolds

Support Team: Seppo Mattila

TAT: Lluís Galbany, Stefan Taubenberger

Weather conditions

Start of night: Clear, seeing ~1"

Middle of night: Clear, seeing ~1"-1.2"

End of night: Clear, seeing <1"



Evening: SOFI flats

Morning: EFOSC BR flats


Start of night: SOFI had problems with switching to the off field in our first observations, delayed first observations

23:20 SN2016adj (follow-up): JHK imaging, BG & RG spectroscopy. Due to SOFI problems, there are about 10 additional J exposures.

23:36 End of twilight

01:02 Telluric std: HIP68867

01:08 Flux standard: EG274

01:23 SN2016aiy (follow-up): JHK imaging

02:50 LSQ15adm (follow-up): JHK imaging

04:18 Switched to EFOSC

04:45 LSQ15adm (follow-up): 2x2700s Gr13. Seems to be very little light, couldn't extract. Too faint, so we didn't take a third spectrum

06:30 SN2013ew (follow-up): 1500s Gr11, galaxy spectrum for redshift

07:01 Switched to SOFI

07:14 ASASSN15og (follow-up): JHK imaging

08:40 OGLE15xl (follow-up): JHK imaging

10:08 Switched to EFOSC

Image analysis

10:12 OGLE15xl (follow-up): Observed 4xi band in twilight