Night report 2020-02-13

Observers: Anais Möller, Melissa Amenouche (Clermont-Ferrand), Mat Smith (Southampton)

Support Team: Miika Pursiainen (Southampton), Charlotte Angus (DARK)

TAT: Giuliano Pignata (UNAB/MAS), Phil Wiseman (Southampton), Priscila Pessi (CONICET)

Summary: Photometric night with 7 follow-up targets (3 photometry; 5 spectroscopy) and 4 classifications

Afternoon Calibrations: Dome flats, Arcs, Bias frames


    Afternoon: Blue skies and a freshening wind 

    Sunset: 8.30 (local); 23.30 UT; a burning molten sun being consumed by the ocean

    Post-sunset: Skyflats: UBV; R and I will have to wait until morning. 

    Outlook: Small clouds on the horizon, but nothing to imply that we can't photometry it up. 

    Start of the night: Seeing 1.1"; Wind: 1m/s

    Middle of night: Seeing 0.9"; Wind: 2m/s 

    Early morning: Seeing 0.9"; Wind: 4m/s

    End of the night: Seeing 1.0"; Wind 5m/s

    Pre-sunrise: Skyflats: VRi; it's too bright for B :) 


1. Potential targets AT2020bxd, AT2020cdm, AT2020cho and AT2020asa have been classified elsewhere (all as SNeIa), so are removed from consideration